Detail List of Burdwan District Government Hospitals in West Bengal

Burdwan District

Burdwan District Government Hospital List

Name Location Post Office Telephone No. Authority Beds
Asansol SDH Asansol (MC) Asansol 0341-2202388 SGH 350
Asansol Spl. Jail Hospital Asansol (MC) Asansol 0341-2252281 SGJ 20
Atghoria Rural Hospital Kalna – I Atghoria 03454-273230 NRHM 30
Bahadurpur Rural Hospital Jamuria – II Bahadurpur 0341-2669310 RIDF-IX 30
Ballabhpur Rural Hospital Raniganj Ballabhpur 0341-2449180 50
Bankola Area Hospital Ondal (M) Khandra 03453-257308 ECL 50
Bansara Hospital Raniganj (M) Kalla ECL 50
Barddhaman Rly. Hospital Burdwan (M) Burdwan 0342-2663409 RLY 5
Bhatar Rural Hospital Bhatar Bhatar 0342-2322272 60
Bononabogram  Rural Hospital Ausgram – I Bononabogram 03452-254205 NRHM 30
Burdwan Jail Hospital Burdwan (M) Burdwan SGJ 35
Burdwan Medical College & Hospital Burdwan (M) Burdwan 0342-2558641/42/43 SGH 1105
Burdwan Police Hospital Burdwan (M) Burdwan 0342-2662450 SGP 44
Burnpur Hospital Asansol (MC) Burnpur 0341-2231461 IISCO 550
Central Hospital (Kalla) Asansol (MC) Kalla 0341-2202337 ECL 450
Central Lions Club, Durgapur Durgapur (MC) Durgapur LIONS CLUB 0
D.P.L.Hospital Durgapur (MC) Durgapur DPL (State) 103
D.S.P.Hospital Durgapur (MC) Durgapur SAIL 631
D.T.P.S. Hospital Durgapur (MC) Durgapur 0343-259038 D.T.P.S. 30
D.V.C.Hospital Durgapur (MC) Durgapur DVC 30
Divisional Rly. Hospital Asansol (MC) Asansol RLY 225
Dr. L. Sen Memorial Leprosy Hospital Asansol (MC) Asansol AMBH 50
DURGAPUR SDH Durgapur (MC) DURGAPUR 0343-2537163 SGH 200
E.S.I.Hospital Asansol (MC) Asansol 0341-2253946 SGL 150
F.C.I.Hospital Durgapur (MC) Ondal FCI 50
I.R.C.S Burdwan Burdwan (M) Burdwan 0342-2662450 RED CROSS 60
I.R.C.S Kalna Kalna (M) Kalna 03454-255289 RED CROSS 8
I.R.C.S Katwa Katwa (M) Katwa RED CROSS 13
I.R.C.S. Hospital Durgapur (MC) Durgapur 0343-2546177 RED CROSS 30
Jamalpur  Rural Hospital Jamalpur Jamalpur 03451-288270 HSDI 30
K.G.Hospital Chittaranjan (NA) Chittaranjan 0341-2525645 RLY 150
Kalna SDH Kalna (M) KALNA 03454-255052 SGH 200
Katwa SDH Katwa (M) Katwa 03453-255060 SGH 250
Kelejora Rural Hospital Barabani Domohanibazar HSDI 30
Khandra Rural Hospital Andal Ukhra 0341-2665891 NRHM 30
Kulti (IISCO) Hospital Kulti (M) Kulti IISCO 90
Laudoha Rural Hospital Laudoha Laudoha 0341-2672022 RIDF-IX 30
Lions Club, Burdwan Burdwan (M) Burdwan LIONS CLUB 15
Lions Club, Durgapur Durgapur (MC) Durgapur 0343-2573419 LIONS CLUB 10
Madhabdihi  Rural Hospital Raina – II Chhoto-bainan 03451-251202 NRHM 30
Mahesbati  Rural Hospital Raina – I Mahesbati 03451-261234 RIDF-IX 30
Mankar Rural Hospital Galsi -I Mankar 0343-2517287 30
Medical Unit-cum-Hospital Durgapur (MC) Bohula R.E.College 30
Memari Rural Hospital Memari (M) Memari 0342-2260300 60
Monteswar Rural Hospital Monteswar Monteswar 03454-2750539 NRHM 30
Ondal Railway Hospital Ondal (M) Ondal RLY 50
Paharhati   Rural Hospital Memari – II Paharhati 0342-2700281 HSDI 30
Panagarh Rural Hospital Kanksa Panagarh 0343-2524294 NRHM 30
Pithaikeary Rural Hospital Salanpur Rupnarayanpur 0341-2531347 NRHM 30
Purbasthali Rural Hospital Purbasthali – II Purbasthali 03453-264199 RIDF-IX 30
Pursha Rural Hospital Ghalsi – I Pursha 0342-2454900 NRHM 30
Ramjibanpur Rural Hospital Ketugram – I Gandas Kandra 03453-273240 RIDF-IX 30
Ranigang Leprosy Home Raniganj (M) Ballavpur AMBH 50
Sanctoria Hospital Kulti (M) Disergarh ECL 250
Satgram Hospital Jamuria (B) Satgram ECL 50
Singhot Rural Hospital Mangalkote Madhrun 03453-263433 50
Srirampur Rural Hospital Purbasthali – I Vidyanagar 03472-239116 30
T.B.Hospital (Searsol) Raniganj (B) Searsol Rajbati ECL 50

Full Form of Controlling Authority

Central Govt CG
Durgapur Project Limited DPL
Damodar Valley Corporation DVC
Eastern Coldfields Limited ECL
Indian Iron & Steel IISCO
Block Primary Health Centre BPHC
State Govt Health dept SGH
Steel Authority of India Ltd SAIL
Railway RLY
Municipality M
Municipal Corporation MC
Rural R
Urban U

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