Detail Information about Police, Railway and Jail hospitals In West Bengal

Hospitals in West Bengal

Police Hospitals

Name Address Phone No. Fax No.
Police Brigade Hospital, (SGP/120) Barrackpur(M), Barrackpur, 24 Prg (N)
Police Hospital, Baharampur, (SGP/68) Baharampur (M), Baharampur, Murshidabad 03482-57604
Police Hospital, Balurghat, (SGP/50) Balurghat(M), Balurghat, D Dinajpur
Police Hospital, Chunchura, (SGP/98) Chunchura (M), Chunchura, Hugli
Police Hospital, Haora, (SGP/104) Haora (MC), Sibpur, Haora
Police Hospital, Kadamtala, (SGP/50) Siliguri- (MC), Siliguri, Darjiling
Police Hospital, Medinipur, (SGP/74) Medinipur (M), Medinipur, Medinipur
Police Hospital, Raiganj, (SGP/50) Raiganj (M), Raiganj, U Dinajpur
Police Hospital-Kolkata, (SGP/300) 9 Beninandan Street,
Kolkata-700 025
2247 7904

Railway Hospitals

Name Address Phone No. Fax No.
S E Rly Hospital, (Rly/323) 11 Garden Reach Road, Kolkata-700 043 2478 3042
B R Singh Rly Hospital and Centre for Medical Education and Research, (Rly/461) Sealdah, Kolkata-700 014 2350 4075
Alipurduar Rly Hospital, (RLY/111) Alipurduar(M), Alipurduar, Jalpaiguri
New Jalpaiguri Rly Hospital, (RLY/100) Rajganj (B), Bhaktinagar, Jalpaiguri
Ondal Rly Hospital, (RLY/50) Ondal (B), Ondal, Bardhaman
K G Hospital, (RLY/150) Chittaranjan (NA), Chittaranjan, Bardhaman
Kanchapara Rly Hospital, (RLY/220) Kanchrapara(M), Kanchrapara, 24 Prg (N)
Kharagpur Rly Hospital, (RLY/394) Kharagpur (M), Kharagpur, Medinipur
Lilooah Rly Hospital, (RLY/101) Bally (M), Lilooah, Haora
Malda Rly Hospital, (RLY/100) English Bazar (M), Malda, Malda 03512 66004
South Eastern Rly Hospital, Adra, (RLY/222) Adra, Kashipur, Purulia

Jail Hospitals

Name Address Phone No. Fax No.
Jail (Central) Hospital, Medinipur, (SGJ/130) Kharagpur (M), Kharagpur, Medinipur 03222-62503
Jail Hospital, Birbhum, (SGJ/72) Suri (M), Suri, Birbhum 03462 55209
Jail Hospital-Alipur Central, (SGJ/120) Alipore, Kolkata, 700 027 2479 1053
Jail Hospital-Alipur Special, (SGJ/280) Alipore, Kolkata, 700 027 2479 1292
Jail Hospital-Baharampur Central, (SGJ/87) Baharampur (M), Baharampur, Murshidabad 03482-52017
Jail Hospital- Dumdum Central, (SGJ/100) Dumdum (M), Dumdum, 24 Prg (N)
Jail Hospital-Presidency, (SGJ/170) Alipore, Kolkata, 700 027

Full Form of Controlling Authority

State Govt Police dept SGP
State Govt Health dept SGH
State Govt Jail dept SGJ

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