Saraswati puja in west Bengal 2017

Saraswati puja

Saraswati Mata

Saraswati mata is the goddess, who signifies knowledge, learning, arts and culture, also known as Bhag Devi. She is the daughter of Maa Durga and considered as partner of Brahma. Saraswati puja is also celebrated in West Bengal; the puja is a part of the social celebrations.

Saraswati Mata
Saraswati Mata

Saraswati Puja

Saraswati Mata
Saraswati Mata

The goddess of Saraswati is honor among the students and learned who strictly follow all the rituals to worship her. In puja timing everyone can offered Pushpanjali (offering of flowers also with mantras).

Saraswati Puja in Pushpanjali
Saraswati Puja in Pushpanjali

Young people boys and girls are seen in very beautiful dresses. They enjoy the day with each other and cultural programmed are staged at night.

Mordan Saraswati Mata
Mordan Saraswati Mata

Saraswati puja time table 2017

  • Vasant Panchami Puja Muhurta – 06:19:10 AM to 11:50:32 AM
  • Pujo Duration – 5 Hours 30 Minutes
  • Purvahna Kaal – 06:19:10 to 11:50:32 Saraswati Puja 2017
  • Panchami Tithi Begins – 03:41 AM on Feb 01, Wednesday 2017
  • Panchami Tithi Ends – 02:20 AM on Feb 02, Thursday 2017

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